Development of strategic and artful lighting solutions is integral in achieving a harmonious union between architecture and light. Our creative approach informs the unique qualities of the projects showcased in our gallery.


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Penumbra Architectural Illumination is an established team of architects and lighting designers who offer a full-range of lighting design services.

Our core belief is that architecture is far richer when it communicates with lighting. A harmonious union of these two disciplines begins with embedding light at the core of an architectural design process, and results in a profound enhancement and accentuation of a space’s inherent architectural beauty.

With our unique approach, we combine theories of lighting design and architectural practice to create an expressive, comprehensive and interpretive approach to light. We deliver the highest standards in lighting design solutions through integration with the architectural design team, collaboration with the construction team, clear and concise communication, and an uncompromised attitude towards client cost controls and project timing.

Penumbra has completed a wide-variety of projects for both public and private clients; which include commissions for hospitality, restaurant, retail, commercial, residential and environmental developments.


Architecture is made of light and shadow.

Penumbra believes in light and shadow as a building material. It is essential in shaping the perception of architecture’s beauty, function and form. It works to define space and scale, establish rhythms and structured order, create intimate or vibrant environments, and serve as a background element or a monumental focal point.

Through a careful choreography of technical and artistic skills, we design lighting environments that provide architecture with soul. We ensure we respond to each project with a tailored approach to meet our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves in developing balanced compositions to perfect the desired light, be it light/shadow, warm/cool, spot/flood, or brilliant/soothing.


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T: 323.937.4150